I can here sound waves

Crazy kites kkk. That is a sound but there is many more in the sound waves program. The one that my class is doing is the c sound this week. The letters that make that sound (graphemes) are these k, c, q, ck, x and ch. the thing that I learned is that sound waves can help your spelling.

The Human (not alien) Race

The human race, The human race, oh sorry didn’t see you there just chanting a play that we watched. Someone was acting called Rachel. She was playing someone named Deedee, she was always happy😀. Adam was playing the other person called Duncan he was always shy😐.

The play was about Duncan trying to win to see his grandfather who was sick and he never meet him. He was resilient.

Blog bye bye

Finally blog posts have ended, what a busy year. My blog will start again in feb 2017Let me tell you some Christmas jokes,

What do you call a singing elf?

A wrapper

What do you call an obnoxious raindeer ?


Why dose santa have three gardens?

so he can ho ho ho

have a merry Christmas.


Geometric glory

We learnt how to draw geometric shape. You need a ruler and a pencil. We had three of the same drawings but each drawing got harder. My best one was the easy drawing. I did well in my geometric colouring.img_2053

Finishing fast floods

I was doing a expo about floods. I did it because other people can understand what we have been doing.

I think I can improve on my spelling because 2 people commented on mine. I think I did a good job with my confident speaking to people.


Finalising fast floods

I had an expo that is about natural of man made disasters. I was talking about floods. My mum and my dad came to watch me. The reason why i did it is because i can share what we are learning.

I need to improve my writing because 2 people made some comments about my writing. I think I had confident speaking.



Dance of the 4th term

We had a big dance on the oval. The star learning intention is to dance with the moves . We where practicing for five weeks. We had a great time dancing. We where dancing to U CANT TOUCH THIS by MC HAMMER. It gave me so much confidence. The main idea is to have fun. img_2094